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For years Dandy Cotton Candy has been making fresh cotton candy for the theme park and stadium industries. We began decades ago as a small business making our cotton candy on location for concerts, corporate and community events. We slowly began expanding as the demand for our premium cotton candy began to grow. Today, we are a major wholesale supplier to theme parks, stadiums, zoos and arenas throughout the United States, in addition to many candy stores, convenience stores and grocery stores.

We vowed to manufacture and package our cotton candy only in ways that kept it as fresh as when it was made. All our packaging is clear so you know your getting a fresh, fluffy cotton candy before you open it. We do not package cotton candy tight like our competition; instead, we know that our customers enjoy a light and fluffy cotton candy that melts in your mouth. Our fresh, prepackaged cotton candy is made by people who have a love for cotton candy; and are passionate about what they do. We hand blend our recipes in small batches which allows us to maintain a premium product. Our production methods in addition to our packaging methods are what set us above the rest.

The flavor and taste of the cotton candy is extremely important to us. That is why all of our flavors are custom blended exclusively for us. We offer over a dozen in stock flavors as well as the ability to create custom flavors and colors.

As we continue to expand our product lines, packaging and distribution methods, we will continue to uphold our commitment to offer only the freshest, fluffiest premium cotton candy available today.

Our Cotton Candy

On A Stick

We began years ago with our fresh cotton candy on a stick, and it is something we still offer today! Chances are if you have enjoyed cotton candy at a Sporting Venue or Theme Park in Southern California, you have tasted our product. We spin our cotton candy by hand the old fashion way, providing a consistent uniform shape and flavor to every cotton candy. Due to the short shelf life of our cotton candy on a stick, it is only available to our Southern California customers.


Our latest and greatest cotton candy available! Our bucket of cotton candy is our newest addition to our product line. Lasting up to 9 months, it is a great solution to many of our customers outside of Southern California. Our clear prepackaged cotton candy container comes with a tamper resistant lid that breaks the seal once the bucket is opened, but allows customers to save some for later. Our clear bucket shows the vibrant colors of our fresh, prepackaged cotton candy, so you know your getting a premium cotton candy before you purchase it.

Private Label

Interested in privatel labeling? Dandy Cotton Candy does private labeling for some of the largest companies as well as some small ones. Whatever your private labeling needs, Dandy Cotton Candy can assist to help create a packaged cotton candy that will stand out. For more information on private labeling, please contact or give our corporate sales department a call at 1-877-DANDY-98.

Questions & Answers

Q. How big are the buckets?

A. It is hard for one to visualize the size of our cotton candy bucket. The easiest way for most people to understand is to put it in fluid ounces. Our 1.5 ounce bucket is 32 fluid ounces while our 3 ounce bucket is 85 fluid ounces.

Q. Do you custom print buckets?

We do custom print buckets, however the quantity minimums are very large. We encourage our customers to customize our buckets with circular stickers that can be placed on the top of the bucket, which has no print.

Q. What is the shelf life of your cotton candy?

Stored in the right conditions, our cotton candy buckets can last up to nine months. Store the cotton candy away from heat and sunlight as well as moisture. To extend the shelf life even longer, we recommend refrigerating the cotton candy.

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